My name is Chris Shiplet and I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ. This is my collection of thoughts on minimal & attractive design, software development, systems administration, hardware hacks, photography, desert offroading, college life, and anything else I feel like writing about.

My passion is automation and reducing the friction in interactions between humans and computers. Over the past decade I’ve acquired a wide variety of skills in related fields.

I speak C, bash, JavaScript, and have worked with a myriad of other desktop languages and frameworks. These include Java, .NET, Android, and ObjC. The greatest portion of my experience has been in web development. I’m fluent in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and MySQL. I have also recently learned Python and Node.js, and manage my code with git and GitHub.

The field I’m most interested in is embedded systems. I hope to pursue a related career once I complete my Computer Systems Engineering B.S.E. at Arizona State University’s Fulton School of Engineering in 2014.

I spend my free time designing and developing web apps and working on embedded platform projects. My focus is responsive, minimal, accessible design that performs well on a wide variety of devices. Additionally, I strive to conform to the latest standards for HTML and CSS as well as accessibility standards such as WCAG. To see more of my work, check out my portflio: nearengine.

I wrote the original TwitStamp web app with CodeMonkeyUpstairs, and later wrote most of the updated frontend in PHP and JavaScript. I also managed our dedicated server and optimized the Linux stack to scale our CPU-intensive app for thousands of new users and hundreds of thousands of stamps generated each month.

When it comes to amateur photography, I don’t think I take nearly enough photos yet. I learned on a 35mm Canon AE-1, but I mostly shoot a Nikon D5000. Check out my Flickr to see my latest photos.