“No one is really providing a great product or service. These crappy competitors are getting some customer traction because the market needs a product similar to what they have.”

I’m glad to hear this coming out of the industry, because I couldn’t help but think the same thing as I sat through an entire course last semester that emphasized complete code coverage. It’s one of the many concepts I think academia loves to throw around while ignoring the practicality of – that’ll be its own blog post when I have time.

I guess it’s time to drop another Apple link on this blog… iOS is making it pretty difficult to look unbiased. This time, a report showing that Android accounted for 79% of mobile device threats in 2012, while only 0.7% of threats targeted iOS.

What other change to your website can boost your revenue growth to over 300% on mobile devices, while at the same time reducing the complexity of development?

Although it’s hard to say they did poorly, when you look at Motorola’s results… All I can say is that my MacBook Pro has put up with a lot over the last two and a half years, and it’s still like new (except for that nVidia 330M, but one can’t have their pie and eat it too). That’s much more than I can say for the several Dell laptops I have used and abused. They’re usually rubbish in less than half that time.

This simple study is amazing – we’re at a time when people are interacting with the Web via mobile devices more and more every day.

This is one of the most brilliant RWD articles I’ve seen lately. So cool I don’t even care that it doesn’t support IE8.

Must feel nice, the week after selling off Current TV for $100M. He should buy a boat.

I launched my new site today!